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Just Brands Oy shall in a few years be among the leading importers of brands within wines and spirits, offering a portfolio setup that any producer can be proud of.

It is the importer that everybody wants to join, but only few chosen will.


Just Brands Oy offers an additional and new route to the market for interesting brands that are not yet there, but also brands that are in the market.

The aim is to establish new brands in Finland and raise already established brands to a new level.

Business Foundation

Importing and marketing of brands and quality products within spirits, wine, fortified wine

Just Brands Oy is a subsidiary of Beverage Partners Finland Oy and has no financial ties to
any international wine or spirit groups

Finland, Domestic and Duty-Free sector

Core competence

Just Brands Oy grants its principals the knowledge, the comprehension and the experience
of the market entity in Finland.

The existing product knowledge gives an added value of considerable importance.